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STEM Classes

We currently provide 4 types of classes for students in grades K-8.( After-School, Homeschool Classes, When School is Closed and Summer Camps)

Our classes are focused around the Engineering Design Process (EDP). We believe in learning through play so every lesson will focus on students exploring various activities and connecting that activity to learn new concepts. Students will be actively engaged in their learning and will come out of the course having the skills on how to be a problem solver! 

Course Options: 

  • Coding & Lego Robotics 

  • Circuitry and Engineering Design Process Challenges

  • MakerSpace

  • Storybook STEM 

  • Entrepreneur Project

  • Basic Graphic Design

If you are interested in bringing problem solvers to your school/district email us and we will get back to you. 


I provide consulting work in STEM Education. 

  • Curriculum Development 

  • Professional Development

    • Product Training ​

    • Pedagogical Training

    • Classroom Management  

If you are interested in bring STEM Education into your school/district or are looking for someone to support your current STEM teachers, email us and we will get back to you. 

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